Is the tape measure still used for indoor and outdoor decoration? Laser rangefinder to understand


Indoor and outdoor decoration has always been a hot industry, the renovation of new homes, renovation of old houses, etc., has spawned the heat of the industry. Renovation is more than just construction. If you want a good result, it takes time and effort from design to completion.

As we all know, the decoration of the house is first of all design, the design needs to measure the room, and accurately know the layout area of the room, in order to better produce a design plan, the old-fashioned room equipment: tape measure, angle ruler, paper and pencil calculation, some areas It has to be estimated, and the process has been going on for a long time.

Technology has developed a lot of high-tech equipment in the development, and laser range finder has also appeared in the decoration project. This not only greatly improves the measurement efficiency, but also improves the measurement accuracy. The area calculation carried by the range finder itself also has Volume calculation, Pythagorean measurement, etc., are also more convenient and direct, and also avoid the error caused by manual calculation, so the indoor and outdoor decoration is still using a tape measure? Laser rangefinder to understand.

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