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  • 400A Portable digital clamp meter

    400A Portable digital clamp meter

    This instrument is a hand-held digital multimeter with true RMS. With a large screen 6000 counts LCD digital display, backlight and lighting, users can easily read. It has overload protection and battery undervoltage indication. rather used by professionals, factories, schools, enthusiasts Or families, it is an ideal multi-functional instrument.

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  • Digital clamp meter

    Digital clamp meter

    Clamp meter is a portable instrument which integrates current transformer and ammeter and is an important branch of digital multimeter. It is a portable instrument that can directly measure AC current without disconnecting the circuit. This product is suitable for all kinds of factories and power and electrical maintenance departments.

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  • Digital 2 In 1 coating thickness gauge 0-1300um

    Digital 2 In 1 coating thickness gauge 0-1300um

    This G932 coating thickness gauge is a portable meter.It is capable of measuring coating thickness quickly.The meter is designed to measure the thickness of a metal surface plating or coating, such as the thickness of a non-magnetic coating on the surface of a magnetic material such as steel/iron, or the thickness of a coating on the surface of a non-magnetic material such as copper/aluminum. It is essential for the surface treatment of materials and is widely used in manufacturing, metal processing, chemical, commodity inspection areas, and can work stably in laboratories, workshops and outdoors.

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  • New Digital Multimeter Voltmeter

    New Digital Multimeter Voltmeter

    This multimeter is a professional, portable meter with a LCD screen. It is easy to use with one hand, overload protection provided, low battery indication.  It is suitable for use in factories, schools, by enthusiasts and hobbyists.

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  • Wood And Building Materials Moisture Meter

    Wood And Building Materials Moisture Meter

    The moisture meter is a professional instrument that provide accurate, stable and repeatable readings. It is normally used to determine the material moisture content in wood or building materials. With a LCD backlit display. The measurement range is 0~44% with an accuracy of ± 2% and the temperature range is from 32.0 to 176.0 ° F or from 0.1 to 80.0 ° C.There are six modes can be switched to allow contractors, woodworkers and homeowners to quickly obtain accurate moisture measurements.

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  • High Precision Automatic Optical Level Instrument 32x

    High Precision Automatic Optical Level Instrument 32x

    This automatic leveling instrument adopt with all aluminum body. Built-in compensator and HD lens that can magnify the image up to 32x, allows you to work without issues, even in low light conditions.360 degree rotary clear dials, provides more accurate location. It is widely used in construction engineering survey, and topographic survey, railway construction,etc.

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